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Choosing a receipt printer: practical tips

Choose a receipt printer according to your needs
There are several factors to consider when choosing the right receipt printer, including your business needs, budget, and personal preferences. Here are some important considerations when choosing a receipt printer:
Printing technology
There are two main types of receipt printers: thermal printers and thermal carbon printers. Thermal printers have a lower price and are suitable for low to medium turnover. Thermal carbon printers are more expensive, but they are more durable and can print a larger number of receipts.
Print speed
If your business has a constant influx of customers, then you need a receipt printer with high print speed. High-speed receipt printers can print multiple receipts per minute, which will reduce customer wait times.
Print quality
The receipt printer must be able to print clear and legible text. Choose a receipt printer with a high resolution such as 300 DPI or 384 DPI.
Print paper format
Receipt printers come in different paper sizes such as 80mm, 58mm and 80x60mm. Choose a receipt printer that is compatible with your chosen paper format.
Paper feed type
Receipt printers have two main types of paper feed: manual and automatic. Manual paper feed receipt printers are easy to use, but less productive. Automatic paper feed receipt printers automatically feed the next sheet of paper, increasing productivity.
The price
The prices of receipt printers vary from a few tens of euros to hundreds of euros. Choose a receipt printer that fits your budget.
Buy a receipt printer from a trusted dealer
Be sure to buy your receipt printer from a trusted dealer that can provide you with a quality product, a good warranty, and fast customer support.