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VR accessories: How to choose

What VR accessories are available?
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How to choose VR glasses?
Choose glasses that are compatible with your VR platform (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or mobile). Consider glasses with a higher refresh rate, as this will ensure flawless graphics. Choose glasses with a larger field of view to get the most out of your virtual world.
How to choose VR controllers?
Choose controllers that are compatible with your VR glasses. Consider controllers with accurate motion sensors and durable construction. Choose controllers with intuitive designs that are easy to use.
How to choose a VR stand?
Choose a tripod that is durable and stable. Consider a stand with adjustable height to suit your needs. Choose a stand with shelves to store your VR glasses and accessories.
How to choose a VR bag?
Choose a bag that is durable and waterproof. Consider a bag with enough room to fit all your VR gear. Choose a bag with comfortable shoulder straps and handles.
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